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Are 'Leo' Collections Fake?

Are 'Leo' Collections Fake?

"Leo," starring Vijay, generated significant revenue in its first week, especially in Tamil Nadu and the United States.

Following the "PS" films, Rajinikanth's 2.0, and "Jailer," this is the fifth Tamil film to gross more than $5 million in the United States.

The collections for "Leo" were equally impressive in the Telugu states, making it the only Dasara film to break even in its first week. So, why are hashtags like #FakeCollections and #FraudScam trending on social media?

According to social media sources, the collections reported for "Leo" in the state of Tamil Nadu are questionable.

They argue that while bookings are visible on the website, the theaters lack actual audiences. Social media users accuse the producers of orchestrating a scam to inflate the numbers.

The truth behind these allegations remains uncertain, but it's worth noting that Vijay's "Leo" received mixed reviews, not receiving universal acclaim.

Now, the film's collections have become a subject of controversy.


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