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Anushka Following Nayantara's Footsteps

Anushka Following Nayantara's Footsteps

Is Anushka taking a page from Nayanthara's book? Is she considering adopting Nayanthara's approach? Based on the present circumstances, it certainly seems that way.

Similar to Nayanthara, who refrains from actively promoting the movies she stars in, Anushka appears to be embracing the same strategy. 

In her latest film, "Miss Shetty Mr. Policetty," where Naveen Polishetty played the male lead, Anushka plays a character with slightly more prominence than the hero. But still she has chosen not to partake in promotional activities for this film. 

While Naveen has taken the responsibility of promoting the movie in various villages over the last four days, Anushka has remained secluded.

Could her absence be linked to her ongoing struggle with weight-related issues? Many question and believe the same. 

Anushka has battled weight problems for a considerable period. Numerous articles and photographs have shed light on this ordeal of her.

There was an expectation that Anushka would shed some weight by the time "Mr. Polishetty" rolled around. Regrettably, this transformation seems not to have taken place.

In movies, the weight issues can be corrected using graphics. However, in reality they would be easily caught. So. she is avoiding the media, as per the talk.


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