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'Animal' Hype Dominates Telangana Election Mood

'Animal' Hype Dominates Telangana Election Mood

Sandeep Reddy Vanga is set to release "Animal" on December 1st. The pre-release hype is remarkably strong, even overshadowing the youth's mood during the Telangana elections.

While the elections take place on November 30th, the release of "Animal" is scheduled one day after that is on December 1st.

In an exclusive interview with GreatAndhra, Sandeep Vanga spoke with poise, avoiding any overt excitement in his expressions and words.

The 25-minute talk unveiled some intriguing insights about the film and Sandeep's perspective on the character played by Ranbir.

Sandeep mentioned that Ranbir appeared aggressive in films like "Rockstar," and he believed Ranbir suits the kind of characters he has designed. 

When asked about the thought process behind crafting such a character, Sandeep Vanga responded that there is no specific thought process; he simply felt compelled to write, and so he did.

Sandeep has been careful not to reveal any spoilers while answering questions. On a personal note, he shared some interesting details about his early exposure to national platforms from a young age.

The interview contains several interesting anecdotes; click here to watch.


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