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Animal and Salaar Reach Near to Major Milestones

Animal and Salaar Reach Near to Major Milestones

The USA box office for Indian films is currently experiencing a subdued period following the conclusion of the holiday season.

Anticipation is high for the upcoming Sankranthi films, expected to breathe new life into the box office. At present, holdover films are still generating a steady stream of revenue.

Shah Rukh Khan's movie "Dunki" has crossed the $8 million milestone, with Saturday's box office revenue reaching $156k, pushing the total earnings beyond $8 million.

Meanwhile, Prabhas starrer "Salaar" has added an extra $59k in revenue at the North American box office. It needs an additional $200,000 to reach the significant milestone of $9 million, which is expected to happen in the next three days.

On another front, "Animal" is on the verge of reaching the $15 million box office revenue milestone, requiring just $40,000 to achieve it.

However, no Telugu film managed to generate revenue over the past weekend. Kalyan Ram's film "Devil" has recently crossed the $200k mark.

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