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Allari Naresh's Ugram Teaser: Witness The Wrath

Allari Naresh's Ugram Teaser: Witness The Wrath

After the stupendous success of Naandhi, Allari Naresh and director Vijay Kanakamedala teamed up for another intriguing project Ugram. Today, Naga Chaitanya launched the teaser of the movie.

After a long time, Allari Naresh played a cop who cares nobody when it comes to his duty. Because of his sincerity and for going against powerful people, his family is in danger now.

The cop’s wrath is witnessed, when his family is targeted. In this short video, Allari Naresh’s character is presented in vigorously. Interestingly, we get to see Naresh in two different getups.

Vijay Kanakamedala who made an impressive debut seems to have chosen a different concept and it’s good to see Naresh in a serious role. Mirnaa appeared as Naresh’s wife and they have a daughter.

Technically, the teaser looks remarkable with Sid’s superb camera work and Sricharan Pakala’s vivacious BGM. The production standards of Shine Screens are abundant.

Already there are good prospects, wherein the teaser has increased the inquisitiveness to watch the movie.


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