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Aish's Approach to Managing Abhishek's Temper

Aish's Approach to Managing Abhishek's Temper

Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, a beloved couple in B-Town known for setting couple goals, recently shed light on how Aishwarya deals with Abhishek's moments of anger during a podcast.

Abhishek, the 'Bluffmaster' actor, shared insights into how his wife helps him when he gets frustrated, whether it's due to Mumbai's notorious traffic or other annoyances.

Abhishek explained that sometimes he can become irritable over trivial matters and return home in a bad mood.

In such instances, Aishwarya gently advises him to calm down and not let minor issues affect him.

Abhishek humorously stated, "She's like, 'What are you getting so hyper about? Calm down, you know there are more important things? You've come home to a healthy, happy family.'"

He went on to recall a challenging period during the COVID pandemic when their entire family was hospitalized one after the other and discharged gradually.

Abhishek was the last to return home, and he remembered Aishwarya telling him, "You know we're so lucky that we're all still here. There are so many families that have been ravaged by COVID, and we're very lucky, and what's more important."

He concluded by praising Aishwarya for her ability to prioritize what truly matters in life.

Abhishek emphasized that when asked about his family's well-being, he always responds with, "They're healthy."

Aishwarya has a remarkable talent for putting things into perspective, which Abhishek finds truly remarkable.


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