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After Bahubali's 'Kiliki' It's Gali Sampath's 'Fififee'

After Bahubali's 'Kiliki' It's Gali Sampath's 'Fififee'

It is known that Bahubali has introduced a newly constructed language by name 'Kiliki' and now it is the turn of Gali Sampath, to entertain with 'Fififee'. 

The talented Rajendra Prasad has been appearing in many character roles these days and is now coming up with one more interesting role in Gaali Sampath. 

His Fififee language from the trailer has left the audience in splits and despite playing the role of a dumb person, Rajendra Prasad has impressed in the trailer. The character cannot utter any sound other than ‘f’. 

Coming to the movie, he will be speaking the Fififee language for most part of the movie which is hilarious as per the sources.

Many say that the impact of Rajendra Prasad’s performance will result in many memes on social media with fififee language on several topics.

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