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Actress Minting Money On Instagram

Actress Minting Money On Instagram

One cannot get mass following just by wish. It needs a lot of hard work accompanied with luck. 

Social media may be just a time pass or part of life to get informed and entertained for millions, but it is a source of big income for those who have millions of followers. 

We are talking about Priyanka Chopra who is earning a whopping Rs 2.16 Cr for a single post on Instagram.

She has 56 million followers and the businesses across the world are approaching her to get promoted online. 

Priyanka stands in the 28th position in the list of world's richest earners on Insta. Thats not a small achievement. Don Johnson of Hollywood stands in Top#1 minting Rs 7.6 Cr per a post on Insta. 

So, the bottom line is earning easy money is possible only for the fortunate few.

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