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Acharya Issue: Who Can Answer These Questions?

Acharya Issue: Who Can Answer These Questions?

The controversy on the story of 'Acharya' has brought forth several questions. The questions raised by writer Rajesh, Acharya unit & Koratala Siva' are leading to discussions. 

Let us have a look at the questions of both parties. First, we will have a look at Rajesh's version.
What Can Anybody Do After The Release?

The major allegation of Rajesh is that his story was copied by Acharya team. The film unit is clearly stating that they have not copied Rajesh's story and everybody will know about it after the release of the film. 

The question here is, what can anybody do after the release if they make Acharya with the same story? Rajesh is saying that he can do nothing after the release if they make the film with his story.

Moreover, he is saying that point will be the same even though they change the scenes. If the main point in his story and Acharya story is the same, he can do nothing after the release. 

He said that the elderly man in his story wears white lungi but Chiranjeevi was shown in pants in Acharya motion poster. Rajesh is saying that making these minor changes is not a big deal for a star director like Koratala Siva.

Can He Knock The Door Of Chiranjeevi's house?

There are discussions regarding a person who can play a big brother role like Dasari in the industry. Media is raising a question that why don't Rajesh go to Chiranjeevi to explain his version. 

Rajesh is countering this question saying "Can anybody simply go to Chiranjeevi's house? They will not allow him even enter the gate, they will throw him out".

He said that when Dasari was there the situation was different. Even a lightboy can directly approach him if he has a problem.

He is saying that there is none like Dasari in the industry now and it has become a big issue for the people like him.

All Are "Mega" People?

There is another interesting discussion started after the 'Acharya' controversy. All the people in the industry belong to Mega compound is the question. Rajesh is also expressing this opinion indirectly. 

He is saying that he couldn't get justice in Writers Association and Directors Association because of the same reason. 

Rajesh is alleging that key persons like NShankar, Chinni Krishna, Tammareddy couldn't do justice to him because they are all Chiranjeevi's supporters.

Both Money - Fame Not Required?

There is another question. It has become a practice in the industry that they can solve any issue with money. There is a strong belief in the industry that they can make any film first. If anyone raises an objection, they can buy him with money. Some incidents like these happened in the past.

When it comes to Acharya controversy, Rajesh is saying that he doesn't need both. He is saying that after the release of Acharya, if it is his story they will settle the issue by giving him five or ten. 

If he takes the issue seriously before the release, they will give him title credit in the movie. He is saying that he doesn't want both now. 

He said that he wants justice for him and strict measures should be taken so that such incidents should not be repeated in the industry.

This is Rajesh's version. Let us have a look at the Acharya unit's objections. They are also logical and convincing.

Should We Reveal The Story Before The Release?

The main question raised by the Acharya team is that "Should we reveal the whole story of the movie even before the release that is made with crores of rupees?" 

If they tell the story, it will not stop there, it will pass on and it will be leaked to the media. If that happens the movie will lose its craze. They have logic in theri argument.

What Should We Do If Another Person Comes?

The film unit has another objection. Rajesh has raised allegations and if they tell him the story to solve the issue, what if some other person comes forward with similar allegations? Should they also tell him the whole story? 

The film unit also raised objections for Rajesh going to the media and doing hungama. If the situation continues, people will come forward to ask them to tell the entire story on live TV. 

Acharya's team is saying that the related associations (Writers Association, Directors Association) have already given him an official reply on the issue. If he continues to pursue the issue, it will become a common practice in the future.

On the whole, the Acharya controversy has raised some serious questions. In fact, there are no instant answers to all these questions.

Even if the 'Acharya' controversy subsides in a few days, the same situation will repeat if another issue arises in the future.

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