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50% capacity, low ticket prices: How to run theatres?

50% capacity, low ticket prices: How to run theatres?

The Andhra Pradesh government has finally given the green signal for the opening of theatres for screening films with effect from July 30, but it did not bring any cheers to the distributors and exhibitors due to the conditions imposed.

The Jagan government has already issued an order drastically cutting down the ticket prices in theatres especially in “B” and “C” centres.

In the latest order, the government ruled that the theatres should run only with 50 percent occupancy due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Immediately after the announcement from the government, the exhibitors huddled into a meeting and discussed the fallout.

They felt that it is difficult to run the theatres with 50 percent capacity rule, as they would suffer heavy losses.

The theatre owners decided to bring to the notice of the government about their problems.

“The theatres are already facing heavy debts due to recurring expenditure like electricity bills and maintenance costs,” a theatre owner said.

They felt that even the banks were refusing to give loans for the theatres and there were no financial safeguards for them.

“In Telangana, the film industry has huge assets, which is not the case in Andhra Pradesh. Who will invest in the theatres, if they have to screen the films?” they asked.

They felt that it is not correct on the part of the government to screen the films at the ticket price of Rs 10 or Rs 20.

“If the Telugu film industry has to sustain in Andhra Pradesh, these restrictions have to go. We shall represent our issues to the government,” the theatre managers said.

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