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5 Reasons To Watch Sharwa's Manamey

5 Reasons To Watch Sharwa's Manamey

In less than 24 hours, Sharwanand’s wholesome family entertainer Manamey directed by Sriram Adittya and produced by TG Vishwa Prasad will be gracing the cinemas. Here is a list of five reasons to watch the movie.

To start with, from the looks of it, Manamey is a clean family entertainer with no vulgarity and no double-meaning dialogues. From kids to older ones, the film can be watched and enjoyed with entire family members. 

Sriram Adittya didn’t write unnecessary tracks for comedy and the movie will have situational comedy. The last portions will however make everyone emotional. The movie will give a wonderful experience and the audience will come out with a full of satisfaction.

Secondly, the film will see some wonderful performances from all the lead actors. Sharwanand underwent a stylish makeover and he is looking youngish, and full of vim and vigour in the promos. Krithi Shetty played a strong-willed character, and the kid Vikram Adittya’s naughty acts will generate a lot of fun.

Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ramakrishna are there to provide entertainment. Seerat Kapoor and Ayesha Khan will be seen in special roles. Rahul Ravindran, Shiva Kandukuri, and Thrigun are also part of the movie. It’s a surprise about these characters until we watch the movie.

The third aspect that works in the favour of the film is music which surely forms one of the driving forces for the film. Music becomes a reason in itself for the audience to see the film. Apart from songs, the movie will have bit songs and a pleasant background score which will make the narrative look more poetic and fascinating.

The visual presentation and grand production design are the other major attractions. The movie was shot in some exotic locations in London, and the camera work is exceptional. The making standards are exemplary.

Lastly, and most importantly, the movie has a good message for the audience of this generation. As revealed by hero Sharwanand, it tells the significance of time.

So don’t miss this one and book your tickets to watch the movie in theatres.


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