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5 Blocks In Om Bheem Bush Will Be Hilarious: Vishnu

5 Blocks In Om Bheem Bush Will Be Hilarious: Vishnu

Hero Sree Vishnu is awaiting the release of Om Bheem Bush which will be hitting the screens in a couple of days on March 22nd.

The actor and the team won appreciation for the teaser and the trailer. He says Om Bheem Bush is a multi-genre movie. “We are habituated to single genre movies. We didn’t stick to one genre. This one is a first-of-its-kind story. We wanted to narrated it entertainingly. It will give a new experience to the audience.”

Sree Vishnu informs that they considered another title as well for the movie. “While most of us liked Om Bheem Bush, few others liked the second title. But as we felt Om Bheem Bush is an apt one and importantly, the second one is an English title, we chose to go with Om Bheem Bush.”

He affirms that there is no seriousness at all in the movie. “It will be thoroughly amusing with witty one-liners. There are many other aspects in the movie, and whatever that connects other than comedy will be a bonus for us.”

Sree Vishnu says 5 blocks in the movie will be hilarious. “3 blocks in the first half, and 2 episodes in the second half will be side-splitting.”

The actor says he loved working with Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna. He also praised director Sree Harsha Konuganti for making this an out-and-out entertainer.


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