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Why This Heroine Targeting Top Director?

This actress doesn't have a single movie in her kitty but makes so much noise on social media with her controversial tweets.

She has been posting sly tweets targeting a movie director and a star. Of late, she is throwing more arrows at this director who is in top league.

They have never worked together. Then why is she so angry about this movie maker who is respected by all leading actors and actresses in Tollywood?

A little probe into this matter, we got to know that this director spoiled her chance to form a close bond with a top star. Or she believes so. If not for this director, she would have been this star's lover is what her opinion is.

According to her, it is this filmmaker who threw a spanner in her work.

So, she has been nursing grudge on this director and is making veiled attack on them. Interestingly, both the star and director have moved on in their lives but she is not leaving them.  



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