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This Missed Call Star Is Incorrigible!

He is a top Telugu film star, belonging to a respectable family of actors and politicians. He has no dearth of films on hand. Irrespective of hits and flops, this senior actor continues to do films. And quite often, he goes to the US, as he has lot of contacts, relations and activities in that country.

Naturally, he has to make a number of overseas calls. But, here is the catch. He doesn’t make calls to foreign countries directly. He just gives a missed call to the person abroad with whom he wants to talk. The person at the other end has no option but to call back and our hero speaks to them for hours.

The gentleman in the US, thus, will have to shell down a lot of money on phone calls, because of his obligations and dealings with this hero. If the hero has works in the US, the persons at the other end will have a lot of works in Andhra.

Taking advantage of their condition, this hero has adopted this missed call strategy. This would save him a lot of money while fulfilling their obligations. After all, one has to see only one side of this hero.



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