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Talk: No Takers for Kona & Bobby!

The talk of the town in film circles is Kona Venkat and Bobby's relationship. The duo share great bond personally which no one has any issues. However, both Kona and Bobby reportedly wanting to work together and endorsing each other.

While the two collaborating with each other is no wrong, but the problem is that both are quoting high fees and this is worrying producers.

Apparently, Kona has been helping Bobby to get his directorial chances and in turn, Bobby would include Kona in the project for story or screenplay. This is what happened for Bobby-Kona Venkat-Ravi Teja film which was supposed to be produced by Ram Talluri. However, the film has been shelved as remunerations alone costing nearly 20 Crore to 25 Crore.

Due to their high remunerations, not many are coming forward to rope in Bobby, Kona duo. On one hand, Bobby's last film Sardaar Gabbar Singh was a dud. Even his debut Power was an average grosser and he hasn't have a great hit for himself.

Kona Venkat too is no different. Kona's recent films have failed at BO including his directorial supervised Sankarabharanam, his Abhinetri (dialogues and production by Kona) and Akhil, Bruce Lee, Soukhyam, Dictator were among his many duds of late.



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