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Rs 1 Crore For 'Brand' Maruthi?

Director Maruthi is a clever man. He makes money not just as a director alone but also through executing production for other films, providing concepts, leasing his banner name etc.

For the first time though, Maruthi has handed over a bound script to another producer and director, apart from providing the screenplay and dialogues as well and lending his banner name and executing the production. All this is for the film Brand Balu.

Noted Kannada producer Sailendra Babu is introducing his son Sumanth as hero with this film. ETV Prabhakar is the director of this film.

Industry rumour is that Maruthi has been paid Rs 1 crore for his efforts. This is not believable because good writers alone get paid around Rs 1 crore nowadays, then Maruthi executing all the functions got only Rs 1 crore?

Maybe, he has a share in the business of the film.  



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