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Karma Hits Back: Director Becomes Laughing Stock

He used to be one of the hotshot directors in Telugu cinema industry and every superstar wanted to work under him.

Stardom got to his head and started looking down upon others in the industry. During those days, the director had a tiff with one of the upcoming heroes.

The director lost his cool during a heated discussion and said full run collection of the actor’s movies is not equal to the day 1 collection of his films.

Few years later, the director is struggling with a streak of failures and not many are showing interest to work under him. That hero has become a bigger star with a series of hits and he is having the last laugh looking at the director’s current status.

As per buzz the actor made a joke of the director movie’s first day collections as they are way below the first day numbers of his films.

As they say, what goes around comes around and one has to be level headed during his success so that people wouldn’t celebrate his/her failures.



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