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Jai Balayya for Rajamouli, Jai CBN for Koratala!

With “Baahubali” movies, Rajamouli has almost attained the number one director’s position at national level. Today, he has legions of fans outside Telugu states.

Despite earning such great fame, he had to face the wrath of netizens when he praised Nandamuri Balakrishna with the line - “Cocacola Pepsi Balayya Babu Sexy” after watching “Pasia Vasool”. As is known, the line is usually used by Balakrishna's caste fans.

By tweeting this, Rajamouli earned the image that he has not matured beyond petty caste feeling. Netizens slammed him for acting like a Kamma-caste fan. Thankfully, since then, Rajamouli has shown restraint.

Ironically, another leading director Koratala Siva is facing the same criticism that he is acting more like a caste fan than a director with great fan following among people.

His recent tweet against Modi on special status sounded more like a 'Kamma' stand, rather than that of a director. By equating not granting special status to handling a ‘natural disaster’, people have started labelling of being a Chandra Babu fan in the garb of a director.

Needless to say, Rajamouli, Koratala, Balakrishna and Naidu all belong to the same community. These film-makers go overboard in praising their caste heroes or politicians and remain silent when other politicians or stars do something extraordinary.



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