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Is the Hero Disinterested?

Usually, when a film becomes a hit, the credit goes to both the director and the film's hero. Of course, to a large extent, it is the hero who enjoys more fame. But when a film flops, the onus mostly goes to the director.

As per Tollywood gossip, a hero whose film is readying for release is in a similar boat.

On one hand, he has been promoting his latest film as if he has something different on offer. On the other, it is said that he has been telling his close confidants that it was a mistake doing the film.

Given the two versions, those who move closely with the said hero have been adding two and two and spreading the news. And this has impacted the film too. Instead of getting a buzz, the film's promotion has now gone tepid.

Even in the past, the hero is known for doing minimum pre-release promotions for his films. Instead, he is known to promote a film aggressively after it becomes a hit. He is also in the habit of interacting with the media in a limited manner.

And for his latest, he has been barely interacting with media. So one is left wondering about the said hero's intentions.



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