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Heroine Rethinking Marriage?

Few months ago there was so much buzz about the wedding of this ‘happening’ couple of Tollywood: daughter of a star with a big family lineage and a young and budding male star. Their love relationship created a lot of discussion for two reasons.

One is that they are stars. Secondly, they belong to different communities that traditionally have rivalry in Andhra.

It was said that the heroine’s mother dotes on this young actor and she wanted him to be her son-in-law as she felt he’s an ideal choice for her daughter.

The bride’s father reluctantly agreed after consulting his big brother. When everything was set for their engagement, the couple have slowed down.

The latest reports say the girl wants to take her own time before taking the plunge into nuptials. She is now on a signing spree of movies.

As things stand today, their wedding may not happen this year.



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