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Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan Sporting Sacred Thread?

Exclusive: Pawan Kalyan Sporting Sacred Thread?

Jandhyam (sacred thread) is generally sported by Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vysya communities. While it is a must for Brahmins and Vysyas to wear it round the clock, Kshatriyas (Rajus) wear it during holy rituals and funeral rites.

Brahmins not only wear the sacred thread, but also perform Sandhya Vandanam, a Yajurveda ritual followed thrice a day.

Now, times are changing. Even hard core Brahmins are not wearing the Jandhyam, since if they wear it they have to strictly follow certain norms which is not possible in these busy days. They cannot wear it just for the sake of it.

Since they have to undergo a rigorous procedure of Upanayanam of getting Mantropadesam (learning Gayatri Mantram) from father or grandfather, they need to strictly follow the ritual every day. Even for changing the sacred thread, there is a specific procedure.

Now, why is all this explanation? Reliable sources told Greatandhra that power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan is wearing Jandhyam these days. In fact, he has been sporting the sacred thread for the last six months. Nobody knows why he has decided to wear it and whether there is any specific objective behind it.

Everybody knows Pawan belongs to Kapu community. And nobody has heard about Kapus wearing Jandhyam. So, it is rather surprising to see Pawan wearing the sacred thread.

On the other hand, director Trivikram Srinivas is a staunch Brahmin, who believes in Vedic rituals. Even now, it is learnt he strictly performs Sandhya Vandanam thrice a day. He has given up all the habits almost eight years ago.

Trivikram has a guru Narasimham, who got introduced to Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu and Chinna Babu of Haarika-Hasini productions. Now, they have been religiously following his advices and performing homams regularly. Needless to say, the guru charges heavily for conducting homams.

May be it was on the advice of Narasimham or the suggestion of Trivikram, Pawan Kalyan has been wearing Jandhyam for the last six months.

It is learnt Trivikram had explained to Pawan the importance of Jandhyam and the significance of Gayatri Mantram and that is why, he has been wearing Jandhyam.

How has it come to light? In his latest film Agnyathavasi, Pawan comes to the general body meeting, accompanied by bouncers. In the scene, he wears just a T-shirt without any inner wear. A close look at his body has indicated that he was wearing Jandhyam.

Inquiries with sources close to Pawan and Trivikram revealed that it was not a new development and the power star had been wearing it for several months.

One has to do a little more enquiry to find out whether Pawan is wearing Jandhyam only for sentimental purpose or is performing Sandhya Vandanam, too, under the influence of Trivikram.



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