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Director's Three Passions Ruining Career!

Director's Three Passions Ruining Career!

The director who ruled the roost in Tollywood a decade ago with several blockbusters is now receiving backlash for his unintelligent and silly movies.

One wonders what happened to this director who was considered as top director until couple years ago.

A source close to the director informed us that he has become quite relaxed. There is no zeal to make films at all.

Only three things are his passion now and films don't feature in this list, says this source who knows him quite closely. They are 1) real estate 2) food 3) booze.

When he is not partying with his friends or relishing Godavari delicacies, he will be busy talking about his real estate businesses in Vizag. Movies and scripts hardly come in discussion, the source adds.

He enjoys party with good booze and food items prepared by the chefs from Godavari area with his friends.

He parties daily. In day time, he will be preoccupied with real estate investments and occasionally discusses Andhra local politics.

No wonder than that his movies have started tanking of late.



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