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Director, Star Go Into Hibernation

Director, Star Go Into Hibernation

A string of hits creates a world of its own. It's when one is on a high and is seldom in touch with reality. However, one huge flop brings the whole world down for top-ranking stars and star directors.

Right now, director Trivikram is in a similar situation. He has been enjoying a joy ride thanks to back to back hits and success as a writer.

He was confined to a world of his own, which was restricted to his films, his banner and his family.

He was known to enjoy his solitude and barely interacted with 10 to 12 close people. And he had an extended circle of 3-4 people.

In the past, one could find him at home, Hyatt hotel, Haarika's office or his old rented house in Punjagutta.

However, after Agnyaathavaasi's flop, it is said that he has confined himself to his house. Talk is that he hasn't interacted even with close friends after the film's debacle.

His next film with NTR will go on to the sets after February 14. Probably, he will be back to his normal self by then.

Ditto... Ditto for Pawan Kalyan

So is the case with the film's hero Pawan Kalyan, who hasn't stepped out of his house after the film was declared a flop.

In the past too, Pawan would spend his time shooting and at his farm house. Apparently, he hasn't spoken even to his close associates ever since talk about the film was out.

It was generally felt that he would get busy with his party once he wraps up Agnyaathavaasi. But that does not seem to be the case now. Also, he has advance amounts from 2-3 producers.

Since his fans too complained about not being able to sit through the film and with the talk that family audiences distanced themselves from the film, Pawan is said to be contemplating his next step.

For now, he too has chosen solitude to come out of Agnyaathavaasi effect.



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