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Despite Flops, She Is Still After This Director!

Success is the only mantra for survival in this industry. If one has to get more chances in films or get into the headlines with affairs, one has to deliver hits. Especially for male artistes and technicians, it is a must, because nobody cares them if they are not successful.

But there is a director who seems to be an exception to this mantra. He introduced a heroine to the industry through his film and both of them became very intimate from the day one. He gave her another chance in his film, but unfortunately, this film did not do well at the box office.

After that, this director had to face a bad phase. He could not get any chance to direct films for quite some time. After the slump, he luckily got an offer to direct another film and he made the most of it.

As it appeared that he is regaining his lost glory, his favourite heroine was back in the scene and caught the attention of everybody in the success meet of his film.

Though he could not give her a chance in the latest film, but it looked like she is continuing her relationship with him even during his lean period. May be, she is expecting another chance in his next film!



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