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Charan Walks Out, Nithin Steps In

Ram Charan was supposed to do a bilingual under the direction of his favourite director Gautham Menon.

After initial meetings with Gautham Menon who has come up with a script specially written for Charan, the actor has shown interest in it. However Charan is apprehensive about taking the gamble with Gautham Menon at this point of his career.

Gautham Menon is not known for dealing with commercial stars. Ram Charan doesn't want to experiment too much at this stage and hence he decided to walk out of Gautham's film.

When Gautham met Nithin with the same proposal, he has immediately okayed it as it would give him a dream launch in Tamil cinema.

So Nithin will be doing the film that Gautham has written keeping Charan in mind. This film will start rolling from January said Nithin as he is busy with Trivikram's A Aa at the moment.

Looks like Charan is in the mood to experiment but doesn't want to take too much risk by coming out of his comfort zone.



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