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Buzz: Mahesh Babu Keen To Know Pawan Kalyan's Share!

Buzz: Mahesh Babu Keen To Know Pawan Kalyan's Share!

Producer Radha Krishna of Harika Hassine Creations has set an example by returning Rs. 20 crore to the buyers that have lost huge money on his film Agnyathavasi.

Even director Trivikram and Pawan Kalyan have reportedly returned a part of their payment as compensation.

News about producer, director and hero coming forward to help the buyers when a movie ends up a flop is very common. But not many of those turn out true as most of the producers and actors don’t bother to refund money as movie business is considered a major gamble.

There were reports about Superstar Mahesh Babu returning money after his movies Brahmotsavam and Spyder ended up as disasters. But truth is Mahesh never paid any amount but instead promised to do another movie for those producers.

His next film with Vamsi Paidipalli was supposed to be made on PVP Cinema, but the project landed in Dil Raju’s hands via Vamsi Paidipalli. Rumor has it that Mahesh had played a huge role in it. Wonder if Mahesh has at least contacted producers of Spyder after the result.

But after knowing about Agnyathavasi’s compensation Mahesh is reportedly keen on getting full details. He wants to know whether Radha Krishna truly repaid Rs. 20 crore and what is Pawan’s contribution to it.

Rumors claim that calls were made to Trivikram and Harika Haasine Creations office from Superstar’s office for the same.

Is it just a keen enquiry or is Mahesh planning to help the buyers that had face terrible losses on his films?



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