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Anushka's Slimness Photoshopped?

The first look of Anushka's "Bhagaamathie" has not only raised curiosity as it is completely different and gritty but it also sparked off rumors. In the first still, Anushka is looking damn slim beneath her brutal and fiery outlook.

The naval part is so flat and slender. This has surprised everyone. Just recently she was spotted with her stout look.

How could she achieve such slim waist? So, people have started speculating that this pic has heavily been photo shopped to change her body frame.

This is not the first time either. Rajamouli even went to employ the latest graphical technology to make her look slim and tender in 'Baahubali 2'. He paid crores of rupees for this.

Unless Anushka appears on public stage in her rumored-weight loss avatar, people would not believe that the photo used in the first look of ‘Bhagaamathie’ is real. 

Her weight issue has been become a hot topic for people to discuss from the last two years.



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