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Anchor's 'Treatment' Tantrums

Anchor's 'Treatment' Tantrums

There is general perception that working with south Indian film units is rather hassle-free as the artistes are well looked after.

Still, each unit differs from the other. No two units mete out the same kind of treatment and there are bound to be differences.

An anchor-turned-actor has been generating gossip in the film industry for the wrong reasons. She is currently working in a film starring a big hero. Apparently, the anchor-actress is being given more attention than she actually deserves.

Incidentally, the anchor is also working in the film of another hero who comes from a big filmi family.

Talk is that she is rather unhappy with the way she is being treated by this film unit. While she is being pampered by one unit, the other unit has been treating her as part of the team. So it is said that she is not very happy and has been complaining about the same.

Well, now this has given rise to new rumours in Film Nagar about the 'special' treatment she is being given by one film unit.

Isn't it better for the anchor to simply take things as they are and stop comparing, instead of getting gossip mills buzzing?



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