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Allu Arvind-Agnyathavaasi Controversy

Allu Arvind-Agnyathavaasi Controversy

Well, what's the link between Allu Arvind and Agnyathavaasi? Barring Pawan Kalyan who is related to Allu Arvind, there is no other connection.

But with regards to the copyright issue that Agnyathavaasi is facing, there is a direct link with Allu Arvind.

To cut a long story short, this goes back to the time of the release of a Bollywood film Raabta. When the film was readying for release, Allu Arvind had filed a case saying that the film was a remake of the Telugu blockbuster Magadheera.

At the time, the story made headlines and Allu Arvind created quite a stir in Mumbai. Later, the issue died down and both parties kept quiet. But there is talk that the issue died down only after some amount changed hands.

At the time, T Series was the distributor of Raabta. So when Agnyathavaasi controversy cropped up, T Series saw it as an ideal opportunity to get back at Allu Arvind.

In principle, Agnyathavaasi has nothing to do with Allu Arvind. But since Pawan Kalyan and Allu Arvind belong to the mega family, T Series is adamant about its demand.

Meanwhile, a representative of T Series is flying down to Hyderabad today. The person will either watch the film or go through the script to come to a final conclusion.

However, there is inside talk that Agnyathavaasi's team invited T Series claiming that their film had nothing to do with Largo Winch.



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