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A Half-Crore Girl Now?

The beautiful 'Raashi Khanna' made her debut with 'Oohalu Gusagusa Laade'. The success of the movie however created a sort of dilemma for her.

Since she was seen in a conventional and proper role in the film, Tollywood producers thought that she might not be suitable for glamor roles.

Her role in ‘Joru’ as one among three heroines barely got noticed. But the recently released ‘Jill’ worked wonders for her. Not only did Raashi don glamorous outfits in the film, she also locked lips with Gopi Chand in the movie.

The message went out to producers and Raashi became a heroine much in demand. It is now believed that she is charging Rs 50 lakhs per film and the producers are happy to oblige.

Well, the industry works on demand and supply and there is nothing wrong in making hay while the sun shines.



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