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5 Heroines In US Tollywood Sex Racket

According to the case filed in the US regarding the flesh trade of Tollywood heroines, five names have been mentioned.

Two of these names, heroines related to Tollywood and the Kannada film industry, have already been written about in websites earlier. Apart from these two names, three more heroines figure in the list.

However, it is yet to be ascertained whether these heroines are victims or perpetrators. Meanwhile, Tollywood seniors have started coming out and denouncing the scandal saying the industry has nothing to do with what happens in the US.

We have seen on numerous occasions, whether it be the drugs issue, casting couch issue or something else, Tollywood has always been united in defending itself but it has never taken any pro-active or reactive steps to address any of the issues.

Will this case see some progress since it has been filed in the US or does the influence of Tollywood extend there too?



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