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Young Hero's Bodyguard Forced To Delete Video

Young Hero's Bodyguard Forced To Delete Video

We have a young hero in Tollywood known for his phenomenal growth as an actor though hails from a well off film family.

Recently he went to a city where he was about to walk into a star hotel and sit in a special chair. 

Before his arrival his bodyguard entered the hotel, sanitized the seat in his style and ensured everything was alright.

He also made sure not to allow anyone to sit in that chair before the arrival of the star. Finally the star arrived and sat in the chair. 

A random visitor to the hotel shot this entire episode on this mobile phone just out of curiosity.

Later when he  went to the restroom, another bodyguard caught him and forced him to delete the video that he had shot.

Looking at the huge size of the guard and under the shock that he was being observed, he obliged him and deleted the video immediately.

The bodyguard let him out only after ensuring that no other video of the star was there in his phone.

That's the range of iconic security the star is maintaining at present.


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