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Young Heroes At Distance With This Director?

Young Heroes At Distance With This Director?

Boyapati, the director of the movie Skanda, seems to have exposed his vulnerability. This director has once again demonstrated that he struggles to deliver successful films featuring young heroes, evident from his failure with a prominent star like Balayya. This situation has led many young actors to think twice before considering any collaboration with Boyapati.

Boyapati's hit movies, including Tulasi, Simha, Akhanda, and Legend, predominantly feature senior heroes, with Sarainodu being the only exception.

Speaking of young heroes, Ram Charan faced a significant setback with the release of Vinaya Vidheyarama, which turned out to be a major disaster. Ram Charan had to apologize to his fans for the disappointment caused by this film. 

Prior to that, his movie Dammu also proved to be a big flop for NTR. Bellamkonda also found himself in a similar situation with Boyapati. Recently, Ram also added to this list.

Skanda is a big failure. More than the concern over Ram's consecutive flops, there is widespread speculation that Boyapati's style may not be well-suited for younger male leads. 

Consequently, Boyapati's prospects seem to have dwindled significantly.

Undoubtedly, Boyapati is currently grappling with the repercussions of the Skanda flop. It is confirmed that he will not proceed with Skanda-2.

It would be preferable for him to redeem himself with Akhanda-2, as previously announced, to give an attempt to prove himself.

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