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Will Danayya's Demands be Met Now?

Will Danayya's Demands be Met Now?

One of the reasons Pawan Kalyan's OG was pushed back from its original September release date was that streaming giants did not purchase the film's digital rights.

During negotiations, producer DVV Danayya demanded a substantial sum from Netflix and Amazon Prime, but they declined, citing that none of Pawan Kalyan's recent films had performed well on OTT platforms.

Danayya hoped that his production company's reputation would soar and command a high price after the success of RRR.

He also argued that Pawan Kalyan, being one of the top stars in the Telugu film industry, should be compensated accordingly.

However, the OTT companies decided to adopt a wait-and-see approach.

Pawan Kalyan is now the Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and has played a significant role in the National Democratic Alliance at the national level. Consequently, his image and popularity have grown across the nation.

Given the current political scenario, will OTT companies agree to Danayya's current demands?


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