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Valmiki's Director and Producers At Loggerheads!

Valmiki's Director and Producers At Loggerheads!

If the buzz from film circles is to be believed, everything is not right between director Harish Shankar and producers of Valmiki, 14 Reels Plus.

According to the previous agreement, Ram Achanta and Gopi Achanta were supposed to give fifty percent share in profits for Harish Shankar.

They were okay with this agreement until Harish Shankar started interfering in the business deals.

Buzz has it that Harish is not letting the producers to close some deals saying that they would get better price. He is also asking them to go for own release in a few territories if they don't get the quoted rates.

Ram and Gopi are reportedly not happy with Harish's interference in business related issues and hence asked him to take remuneration and leave the business headaches to them.

But Harish is not willing to take a fixed salary for Valmiki as he believes that the film would be a super hit and make huge profits.

Currently, they are at loggerheads and the business transactions of Valmiki has come to a standstill. The film is slated for release on Sept 13.


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