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This Auto Costs Rs 25 crore

This Auto Costs Rs 25 crore

In the film industry, the budget depends on the hero’s reckoning. That’s how shrewd producers operate. 

But some producers tend to go overboard with their budget, either to prove a point or due to lack of proper knowledge. 

The case of Auto Nagar Surya is one such classic example. It is a known fact that Naga Chaitanya does not have a huge market. 

Though Tadhaka managed to get hit talk, it did not make much in terms of money. 

While he does have some following in the C centres, he has a bad base in the A centres. 

But the makers of Auto Nagar Surya did not consider these factors and spent huge sums on the film. Though the initial budget was of Rs 15 crore, they ended up spending Rs 25 crore on the film. This means they spent Rs 10 crore in excess vis-a-vis Chaitu’s market.

Excess budget was the main reason behind the delay in film’s completion. But once the trailer released and managed good reviews, the makers have been getting good rates from all areas. 

However, it is hard to make all of Rs 25 crore, insist Film Nagar insiders.

Unless the film makes money once it releases, Chaitu’s film will not land in the safe zone.

If the makers don’t make films keeping the hero’s market in mind, they are bound to face such difficulties!