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Star Writer's Drama For Story Credits?

Star Writer's Drama For Story Credits?

One more film and another drama say film industry insiders about Kona Venkat's latest statement about suing his director Srinu Vaitla.

Well, in the past, Kona Venkat cried hoarse when Srinu Vaitla did not give him credit for Baadshah.

He had alleged that though Vaitla used his and Gopi Mohan's story, he did not give them due credit.

At that time, he did a huge scene on TV, but did not go to the extent of going to court. At that time he said that a director cannot use a writer's work without giving credits.

However, this time, Kona Venkat is adamant on going to court. While the story has generated enough amusement in the industry, another top writer says he is doing it all for publicity and to save face.

Bruce Lee has severely dented Kona Venkat's image as a writer and he is in need of 'star writer' image to get producers to pay him Rs 1 crore they say.

The fact that he has become more of a project facilitator has also affected Kona's image in recent times.

And some are amused by the fact that he has taken to creating scenes for films like Baadshah and Bruce Lee, both of which have been box office duds.

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