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Senior Actress's Torrid Affair with Senior Star

Senior Actress's Torrid Affair with Senior Star

In the movie industry love affairs, live-in relationships are quite common. This trend exists for decades.

However, senior actresses maintaining love affairs with younger stars or their contemporary actors is a new trend.

There is this Telugu actress who is settled in a neighboring state’s metro city. In her heydays, she regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses but she is now occasionally playing ‘aunty’ roles.

She recently broke up with a prominent star after being his ‘girlfriend’ for many years. She parted ways from him after she allegedly caught him in bed with a young actress.

Perhaps as an act of revenge on her former actor boyfriend, she is now said to be have developed a deep ‘friendship’ with another senior star who is in his late 50’s.

This torrid relationship has become a hot topic for in Film Nagar. 

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