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Selfish Acts Of Two Covid-19 Affected Producers

Selfish Acts Of Two Covid-19 Affected Producers

The fundamental rule of any Covid-19 victim is to inform all those who he met in the last 10 days to get tested and should remain in home quarantine for 14 days. 

But two of the Tollywood producers are silently continuing their work without informing anyone about their Covid Positive status.

One of the producers is already 60 plus. He didn't let out the news about his positive report as he is afraid that his film work will be stopped by doing so. He is wearing a mask and freely moving in the sets. 

Another producer is 45 plus and is also behaving in the same manner. Two of his films are in post production now. Knowing that the staff will run away leaving the work, he is maintaining the secret. 

The situation is so bad that the mostly affected patients are not finding beds in hospitals. The asymptomatic and those with mild symptoms may get rid of this situation easily, but they become carriers and may turn fatal at least to a few.

So, it is the social responsibility and minimum common senses to show humanity.

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