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Reel Buzz: Allari Ravi Babu's Frog Act

Reel Buzz: Allari Ravi Babu's Frog Act

Noted maverick Filmmaker ‘Allari’ Ravi Babu is known for his out of the box movies produced on his production company name “Flying Frog Productions” and used to co-produce all his movies with Tollywood bigwig D Suresh Babu. 

But due to unknown reasons, he suddenly did a frog act by jumping from Suresh Babu camp to Dil Raju camp.

His latest movie AAVIRI is now presented by Dil Raju. This has become talk of the filmnagar. Too Many Gossips are going around the production houses about this development. 

Some source close to Ravi Babu said, the unreasonable financial calculations and conditions by Suresh Babu have irritated Ravi Babu to take this drastic decision.

He also said that Ram Mohan who previously produced movies Ashta Chamma, Uyyala Jampala etc along with Suresh Babu has also jumped from Suresh Babu’s camp.

Some other source says that Suresh Babu always keeps others in risky zone to keep himself safe. 

One top distributor in Nizam said, there is huge demand for small movies with appealing content as theatres need a good movie every week.

Small movies have worked in a very big way in last 3 years and Suresh Babu got benefited by distributing small movies. 

But because of some irritating conditions by Suresh Babu, these filmmakers are looking at other stalwarts like Dil Raju and Allu Arvind who are also very much interested in distribution of small movies.

This indeed a great news to the small Filmmakers with good content. But, We have to wait and see where this silent war between big distributors will lead to.

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