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Reel Buzz: A Director's Coverage Kashtalu!

Reel Buzz: A Director's Coverage Kashtalu!

Film industry is a place where even the successful people have insecurities.

The pandemic has created unrest in the industry with many directors waiting to find the right stars and many actors looking to rope in star directors.

One of the directors is currently sitting idle with no film to launch.

None of the actors that are supposed to work with him are available for the next six months.

Hence, the director hired a PR team to put him all over the news. He hired not one but three separate PROs to do the job.

Apparently, they were paid handsome price to put the director in the limelight that his name was seen everywhere.

Other news and updates were side lined as the top PR teams were on a mission for a couple of days.

There’s no need to feel left behind when you make sound films that will be remembered forever.

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