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'Real Hero' Sonu Sood Turns Villain For Producers!

'Real Hero' Sonu Sood Turns Villain For Producers!

On screen villain Sonu Sood has become a ‘real hero’ during the pandemic with his extensive social service. He was all over the news with his charity works.

Sonu Sood has been welcomed onto the movie sets for all the charity he has done throughout the lockdown period.

However, Sonu Sood is turning villain for producers who approach him by quoting extremely high prices. He has reportedly demanded Rs 4 Cr to play the villain role in Balakrishna – Boyapati Srinu film. 

Boyapati approached him after Sanjay Dutt had fallen ill and Sonu Sood demanded as much as the Bollywood star would have asked for.

Another producer also received similar shock from Sonu Sood in recent times. He is currently doing a movie with Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas. We aren’t aware of how much he is being paid for it.

Looks like Sonu Sood is playing Robin Hood by extracting money from film producers and giving it to the poor and needy!

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