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'Radhe Shyam's Link With 'Geethanjali'?

'Radhe Shyam's Link With 'Geethanjali'?

Bahubali star Prabhas’ next film Radhe Shyam is touted to be a pure and poetic love story.

That is what it seems to be if one were to go by the initial reports emanating from industry sources. 

The focus is on building up an emotional film with love as the backdrop. There would also be twists and turns of fate and how luck and the right attitude could change the future. 

This rings a bell doesn't it? Yes, there are also reports that the film has close resemblance to the Maniratnam-Nagarjuna 1990’s film Geetanjali.

Geetanjali had the main characters facing life threatening illnesses but what was different was their perspective towards life. 

Radhe Shyam may also tread the same path except that the treatment would be different.

Tollywood circles claim that Radhe Shyam deals with the fates of the main characters which astrologically are doomed.

The film revolves round how they circumvent circumstances, prove predictions wrong and win thru sheer power of the will. 

The film is also mounted on a very big scale keeping Prabhas’s larger than life image.

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