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Producers Avoiding Balakrishna Who Refuses To Accept Reality!

Producers Avoiding Balakrishna Who Refuses To Accept Reality!

Balakrishna’s market has taken a severe hit in recent times as none of his films managed to post decent opening numbers let alone making profits.

The much hyped two part biopic of NTR failed to click. The second part was a humiliating flop at the box office. His recent release Ruler ended up as a huge disaster.

Despite the flop streak and shockingly low box office numbers, Balakrishna is refusing to cut down his remuneration and is still demanding Rs. 9 Cr to Rs. 10 Cr per film.

While his contemporary actors Nagarjuna and Venkatesh are being very flexible with their paychecks, Balakrishna is reluctant for a reality check.

The veteran is currently having only one project on hands. His film with Boyapati started rolling after making a lot of adjustments to the budget estimate chart.

Even producers that are huge fan of Nandamuri family for obvious reasons are staying away from him for the fear of failure.

They are looking for better alternatives that would ensure success than Balakrishna who is yet to realize that his market has gone down big time.



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