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Producer Doesn't Have Funds For Hero's Face Corrections!

Producer Doesn't Have Funds For Hero's Face Corrections!

Producers are spending a bomb on photo-shopping software and graphics that is exclusively used for face corrections of our Telugu cinema heroes.

This is used to remove wrinkles, eye bags and other blemishes so that our heroes look 'smooth' on the silver screen.

Not just for the veterans, the software and computer graphics are being used for actors who are in their forties too.

Although producers are okay with spending money on the face corrections of their heroes not everybody can afford it. Especially when the film is releasing in deficit.

A veteran actor's upcoming film's budget has gone overboard that the producer wasn't able to recover the expenses yet.

He is in huge financial mess that the producer is not willing to spend few more crores on face corrections of his leading man.

We are not sure if the hero is aware of this, but his fans should prepare themselves to see the 'original' and 'unedited' version of their favorite actor in this film.

If the look of the actor doesn't make any difference then other producers also might follow the suit and withdraw from this trend of spending so much on 'fake' handsomeness. 

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