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Producer Didn't INCUR Any Loss With 'Bro'?

Producer Didn't INCUR Any Loss With 'Bro'?

TG Vishwa Prasad, the producer with the banner People's Media Factory, has been handling media journalists' questions calmly and subtly, without getting emotional or raising his voice.

He is in the spotlight after Minister Ambati Rambabu accused him of bringing money from the USA through hawala to produce films.

Additionally, Rambabu claimed that Vishwa Prasad's company in the USA pays "CBN's package" to Pawan Kalyan through backdoors.

When the media inquired about these allegations, Vishwa Prasad dismissed them as nonsensical speculations.

He finds it amusing and advises people not to take Ambati's words seriously, urging them to focus on entertainment instead.

Despite facing challenges with the poor collections for the film "Bro," Vishwa Prasad remains confident that he didn't incur any loss.

Although theatrical collections dropped significantly, the non-theatrical rights fetched around Rs 90 Cr to Rs 100 Cr.

Moreover, the film's budget was kept minimal, excluding the remunerations of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram.

The movie was shot in a shorter duration, with minimal payments to other artists, heroines, and the director. Overall, it was wrapped at a budget-friendly cost and in a short time frame.

While the film may not have generated as big a profit as expected, Vishwa Prasad didn't suffer any loss. The distributors in different regions have certainly faced losses, but not TG Vishwa Prasad himself.


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