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Producer Blackmailed Star Hero

A 'Star Hero' has got special status in Tollywood. He is worshiped by his fans and he is a money minting machine for the producers.

These actors who become Superstars after working for 4-5 years, start to behave in a responsible manner and they do think about their producers and distributors.

Here, we are talking about a producer who is famous for his controversies in the industry and he has produced films with some top actors in Tollywood.

This producer made film with a star hero and that movie landed up in financial trouble. This hero is famous for his soft-corner towards the producers and didn't speak about a word regarding his remuneration.

When the film was supposed to hit the theaters on a Friday, this producer called up the hero at the early hours and demanded 3 crores. He said that the film cannot be released if they don't pay 3 crores to the financiers.

Disappointed with this situation, our hero has immediately sent that amount to the producer's office . However, this producer has already paid the debts and received green signal from the key financiers to release the film. Without knowing about this information, this star hero fell for the producer's blackmail.

Industry people have started to discuss about this incident and felt bad for the hero. They are saying that, after knowing about this incident, no other star hero would be willing to give their dates to this producer.



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