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Pithapuram: Why Trivikram Is In Hidden Mode?

Pithapuram: Why Trivikram Is In Hidden Mode?

Director Trivikram Srinivas shares a close bond with Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan frequently praises Trivikram, who even guided him in wearing the Yajnopavitam and introduced him to Brahminism. Trivikram also familiarized Pawan with Guntur Seshendra Sharma's poetry.

His influence on Pawan is clear, often discouraging others from forming lasting connections with Pawan—a point that an actress has repeatedly highlighted on social media.

For the past five years, Trivikram has played a pivotal role in managing Pawan's film projects and ensuring his success in the industry.

Currently, Pawan is contesting from Pithapuram, yet Trivikram's position remains unclear. Many supporters have rallied around Pawan, providing their support in different ways.

However, Trivikram remains silent, leaving fans to speculate about his stance.

He prefers to operate behind the scenes without seeking the limelight, making it unlikely that he'll publicly endorse Pawan on the final day of the campaign, which is tomorrow.


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