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Pawan's 'OG': Change Of Production Banner?

Pawan's 'OG': Change Of Production Banner?

There is news circulating on social media about the Pawan Kalyan-Sujith-Danayya's 'OG' changing hands, with People's Media taking over. Such shifts are not uncommon in Tollywood. 

Nothing is encouraging with respect to the business of OG. The deal for Hindi dubbing rights was canceled, and buyers also didnt show any interest. Adding to this there was a halt in its shooting amid Pawan's political engagements. 

Against this backdrop, reports suggest that producer Danayya is contemplating on getting out from the burden of this film. 

The producer, Danayya, is reportedly discontented with the OG movie, prompting a direct meeting with Pawan Kalyan on a Sunday, although the details of their discussion remain undisclosed.

Surprisingly, Vishwaprasad, the head of People's Media, also met Pawan Kalyan on the same Sunday, further making the situation intriguing.

Finally there is a proposal for People's Media to potentially become a partner in the OG project. The specifics of this partnership, such as contributing half of the expenses incurred so far or acquiring non-theatrical rights as a third party, remain unclear.

The central question arises: why is People's Media interested in a project that Danayya considers unworthy? Given People's Media's lack of involvement in non-theatrical third-party business, the rationale behind acquiring OG project remains unclear. 

Speculations suggest potential connections between Pawan and People's Media, adding fuel to existing rumors about unseen affiliations. If People's Media indeed takes over the OG project abandoned by Danayya, these speculations are likely to intensify.

When questioned about this matter, People's Media Chief Vishwaprasad stated that it is still in a very early stage.

When asked about it, Danayya stated that he cannot provide any comments at the moment, but mentioned that People's Media has shown interest.


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