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Pawan Kalyan To Pay Back 'Hari Hara' Investment?

Pawan Kalyan To Pay Back 'Hari Hara' Investment?

There is a lingering question in Tollywood: will Pawan Kalyan and Krish's film "Hari Hara Veeramallu" be completed? Even insiders seem unable to answer this. There has been no news about it for a long time.

While other projects have been announced, "Hari Hara Veeramallu" seems to have faded into obscurity. It's been quite some time since any updates surfaced.

However, the latest news surrounding the film isn't positive; rather, it's negative.

Director Krish has dropped out of the project, and Anushka is reportedly moving on to a different, female-oriented film.

While no one has officially denied this news, there are rumors that producer AM Ratnam's son, Jyoti Krishna, might step in to complete the film sitting in the director's seat.

Krish, who directed "NTR-Kathanayakudu" and "NTR-Mahanayakudu" in 2019, had come on board for this project. Meanwhile, he also directed a smaller film called "Kondapolam".

For the past five years, his hopes had been pinned on "Hari Hara Veeramallu" only. Pawan is busy with other projects and is not bothering about this film.

So, Krish lost all his hopes for this project and is moving on. With Krish's departure, it's likely that many involved are also disappointed.

Pawan is currently occupied with politics and firmly believes that he would come to power.

There's speculation that only 'OG' will be completed after the elections, and the fate of other films will depend on the prevailing circumstances.

If Pawan decides not to take this project forward, even with AM Ratnam's son, it's rumored that he will pay back the total investment incurred by AM Ratnam on this project. But that's not a small amount. Including interests, it would run into tens of crores.

We have to see if Pawan compensates such a big sum. If that happens, it would be a miracle in Tollywood.

There are heroes who return the advances given to them, but giving back the entire investment, feeling the onus, will keep Pawan's name at the top of the history books if this really happens.

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